In this section I introduce to you my friends and fellow Compañeros. The people like me. The explorers. The curious. The people that experience self discovery. The digital nomads, pilgrims, the creative community. I love that they do what they do. That they share their experiences, discover the unknown, share it with the world. It shall be an inspiration to all of you.

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.

Huaman y Zaramama

vincent_huamaMeet Clemence and Vincent from France

Category: Backpacking & Volunteering
Location: South America
Mantra: Nothing lasts forever
Language: French
Visit: Huaman y Zaramama

Info: Clemence and Vincent travelled and documented their adventures through South America together on their website Huaman y Zaramama. It’s written in french, but for those who don’t speak french – you will find plenty of beautiful photographs there as well. They have seen Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and volunteered in Chile and Argentina. I don’t want to tell you too much – but they treat their blog with concern, passion and patience.
Clemence left South America in December, and Vincent is continuing his journey through Patagonia all the way south to the Antarctica now. Don’t miss out! He’s a wonderful Photographer.



Uncomfort Zone

uncomfort zone_lincolnMeet Lincoln from Brazil

Category: Travel, Bike
Location: South America
Mantra: Tranquilo
Language: Portuguese

Info:  I don’t speak portuguese, but I am sure it’s a lot of fun to read through Lincolns stories. He’s easy going, outgoing, without him there is no party. He’s good at washing his clothes the brasilian way and loves kind people. He gives back what he gets. A guy attached to nature. Horse riding, biking – enjoying every day of his life and living it for real instead of being stuck in the „real life“.

Message from Lincoln: No goals, no destination, no rush, a bike and a strong desire to explore the unknown!

Visit Blog (facebook): Uncomfort Zone



Travel WITH Joy

travel_with_joyMeet Joy from South Africa

Category: World travel
Location: Worldwide
Mantra: Love yourself a little more … every dam day.
Language: English

Message from Joy: This is where I get to share my travel experiences, pics and tips with you – join me on my journey of Self Discovery and random adventures

Visit Blog (facebook): Travel WITH Joy



Travels like Waves

sandra_travels_like_wavesMeet Sandra from Poland

Category: World travel
Location: Worldwide
Mantra:most important thing in life is people.
Languages: Polish/English

Info: Sandra alias Travels like Waves has traveled many places of the world all by herself. On her blog you will find many beautiful pictures that will give you a glance of her adventure. She has visited eastern Europe, Russia, South East Asia and looking at how her life changed in time she will never stop doing what she’s doing. You can feel she is loving every bit of it to the bone. Interestingly, she comes from a traditional family that was never too much into discovering the world. I figure she’s somewhat the black sheep of the family.

Message from Sandra: Paradoxically, from the first day of the trip, I feel calm and confident that I act in harmony with each other. I love my life, smile disappears from my face, probably only during sleep. It was worth to wait.

Visit Blog: Travels like Waves
Facebook: Travels like Waves




Leo in Southamerica

leo_leoinsouthamericaMeet Leo from Germany

Category: Backpacking & Volunteering
Location: South America
Mantra: Sin título
Language: German

Info: Leo is Documenting his journey through South America, has so far visited Chile and Argentina. He writes in a funny, easy going tongue. Enjoyable! Easy to understand! Good for people who are willing to learn or improve their german language skills. He turned 19 while I volunteered with him in a Hostel in Argentina. Go see what the next generation is up to!

Visit Blog: Leoinsouthamerica



gordon_rocknablueThe adventures and mind troubles of an irretrievable soul

Meet Gordon from Germany

Category: World travel
Location: Worldwide
Mantra: Truth has always been perspectival.
Language: English

Info: Gordon travels the world. For real. No excuses. No exceptions. On his blog you will not only find detailed and passionate writings about his journeys, you will also find beautiful photographs presenting his travels step by step. He has a talent for blowing your mind away with his stories. Very vivid and from a person with a high IQ (that’s what I think, I know him personally. He is an experienced person.) The places he discovers, the people he meets – it’s nothing like a normal touristy holiday experience. Hitchhiking through Europe and various other places, traveling by train for days, living life to the fullest. India, Asia, Europe, Russia – go find your next destination. He knows the spots.

Visit Blog: RoknaBlue




Nomadic Hippie 2.0

cecile_nomadic_hippieMeet Cecile from France

Category: Digital Nomad (work and travel)
Location: Worldwide (currently: South America)
Language: English

Info: Cecile is a translator. She currently discovers what it’s like to take her home office on a journey instead of staying in one place for work. Furthermore, she exposes some numbers on her blog to show you how much money she spent – well done, girl! If you need to book a ticket in South America or TO South America – why not take a cruise ship, like she did?

Message from Cecile: I’m a freelance translator and I’ve decided to go travelling full-time while working online. After living in the French Alps for over 6 years, I will be travelling around Europe, South America, New Zealand… and then who knows! I haven’t really made much of a plan so far… We’ll see where my adventures take me!

Visit Blog: Nomadic Hippie 2.0




amid wander

amidwander_joonMeet Yoon from Canada (…and Korea)

Category: Backpacking, Volunteering, Hiking, Art
Location: South America
Language: English

Message from Yoon: I am a hopeful hobo who calls both cowtown and raincity home.   In case you are new to this blog, here are some rather fascinating facts about me:

  • favorite modes of travel:  meandering, dawdling and wondering the how’s and why’s of life
  • can always found with a sweet snack of some sort
  • lover of nature, creative sparks, all things geometric…

Visit Yoons Blog: amid wander

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last update: Jan 08, 2016