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Ojos de Dios Huichol handcrafts

Have a look at my latest passion: Ojos de Dios Huichol. Amulets for protection from South and Central America. One of my favourite discoveries of my journey.  >> GALLERY & INFO Enjoy <3

Phasen (german)

Language: German Sprache: Deutsch Idioma: Alemana     Gedanken über eine Phase ein kleiner Vers   …es ist eben so, wie es ist – und manchmal nicht so, wie man es gerne hätte. akzeptiere, dass es so ist und dass… Weiterlesen →

Miss Miri – The Ego vs. Authenticity

  see the full collection here For 30 days I’ve been posting a picture on facebook daily that contains some of my Kaleidoscope Art and one of my favourite Quotes: from Literature, Poems, Writers, Songs and Friends.  What’s the idea… Weiterlesen →

Crumble a la Punto Sur: Stay modest when getting the applause

While volunteering in Bariloche/Argentina in the Hostel Punto Sur I got introduced to the Crumble: a dessert to die for. It’s super easy to make! Preparation time: 10 Minutes Waiting time while it bakes and „makes love“: 30 Minutes That’s it…. Weiterlesen →

In Love with Patagonia – Hitchhiking!

Bye bye, Bariloche.  Quick update: I finally found Internet that’s fast enough for uploading some pictures and cheap enough for sitting in the Internet Cafe for a bit longer to tell you where I’ve been and what I am doing… Weiterlesen →

Tranquilo in El Bolson

Camping in El Bolson. The first day off after Volunteering in Bariloche How I learnt from a Brazilian boludo to calm down and chill. During my volunteering in the Punto Sur Hostel in Bariloche I met quite a few inspiring… Weiterlesen →

Mandalas & Self Expression – by Miss Miri

It’s the Mandala that made me write this article.  To show what can evolve out of nowhere, out of nothing. How important it is to take some time for yourself. To allow yourself just to escape from this crazy chaotic… Weiterlesen →

Am I late for Christmas?

Yes, I am. And this is how it all went: I took the bus from Santiago, Chile to the south of Argentina. It took me almost a whole day to arrive in my new destination which is Bariloche, a small… Weiterlesen →

Spending Christmas in a Bus to Patagonia !? YES.

  You didn’t hear from me recently because I was busy with a few things. Taking pictures of the beautiful nature here in Casablanca, visiting the winegrowers Angela & Marco and helping them with Labeling a few thousand Bottles of… Weiterlesen →

Travel Recommendations for Chile – listen and learn

After some weeks spent in Chile there’s some things I want to share with you. Not only things that I’ve learnt, but also advices I’ve been given for my further destinations by people who live here for a long time… Weiterlesen →

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