Have a look at my latest passion: Ojos de Dios.

I found this incredible handicraft art work in Santiago de Chile – well at least that’s where I saw it for the first time. I am sure though, when I was little, practiced it in an art class in school as well, but totally forgot that it existed.

They are amulets for protection of the Huichol.

I proudly present what I taught myself just with one or two YouTube videos, some wool and some wooden sticks.

It’s VERY easy.

You can learn to be patient while weaving one layer after the other and become more and more creative in time with experimenting and trying new shapes and colours.

It’s very addictive and therapeutical, it calms you down. People who practice art will always remain balanced. They will be rooted, centered. Enjoy my collection and try it out yourself!

Step 1) get wooden sticks
Step 2) get wool
Step 3) search YouTube