Miri: „You’ll never find me doing a 9-5 bureau job in a big company. And you’ll never see me  spending a lot of money on clothes and shoes and other fashion. I’m not interested in focusing my life on what goes on in the media, politics, economy. What catches my interest is the people, because they make all these things exist. „


We – the ones born between 1980 and 1999 – are defined as the „Generation Y“ – we are the Millennials. We are turning the world around. Traveling to strange places far away, getting to know the unknown, inventing new vocabulary like „Global Citizens“, internationally and interculturally building bridges instead of walls.

There are – thanks to the technological boom – so much opportunities for everybody out there nowadays. Good bye conventional, old fashioned work place – I invent my own job.

My job is to show you what is out there. This I do through my art. I love to travel, and whenever I leave home, I take with me my camera to capture the landscapes, people, nature. Back home, I edit the pictures and turn them into unique Digital Mandalas of all sizes and shapes.

If you have Travel Photography, send it to me. If you know other Mandala styles, send them to me. If you have a place you recommend traveling to, tell me more about it.

IMPULSE EARTH is an interactive platform for everyone.

Why do I do this?

There are a lot of people who seem to be lost in their thoughts. You must find something to keep you busy and fill you with joy and happiness. Don’t look out and see what others do. Look inside of you and start doing what you feel like. It can only be the first spark that makes the fire burn. But you must start somewhere…

I hope my journey inspires you to start your own.

Yours, Miss Miri

inventor of Impulse Earth – The Culture Nature Art Travel Blog.