You didn’t hear from me recently because I was busy with a few things. Taking pictures of the beautiful nature here in Casablanca, visiting the winegrowers Angela & Marco and helping them with Labeling a few thousand Bottles of Wine, eating the most delicious food, and last but not least: planing my trip and my next destination. I got it now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present my next destination: Bariloche, Argentina.

From what people say, it’s the Spring Break Place for Argentineans. But it’s nowhere near to the beach. It’s in Patagonia, so it’s in the south. In the Mountains, or 2000km from here. I decided to take the 20h bus. It was quite expensive, 50.000 CLP which is about 70 Euros. Well, I am still in my travel budget. Woofing is good for saving money. I decided to buy a christmas gift for myself.

I need a small Laptop or Tablet to edit my pictures. Any recommendations?

Well, it turns out that Argentina is not the best place for buying such things. It’s simply too expensive. I should have brought one with from Germany, well…it’s too late for that now.

Let me tell you more about Bariloche, Argentina – and what I will do there.

I found a Hostel where I can work for a few weeks. It’s in the heart of Bariloche next to a beautiful big lake. I found it at helpx and it turns out they want me in their team. Great news! Hopefully I can practise some more Spanish there and learn something new every day – my work will include cooking, cleaning, reception, and all those things you do when you work in a Hostel. Chatting to the guests, drinking beer, eating meat – you know, just hard work.

Let me find out if it’s true that there are many people from Switzerland in this region. Maybe it even looks a bit like Switzerland with lakes and mountains… let’s be curious.

But there’s still a few days ahead of me right here in Casablanca, my current location. For a start, it was the most wonderful place for me to begin my journey through South America. It turns out my Hosts daughter Joy – don’t be confused, that is her name – does something very similiar to what I do: Traveling and sharing here experiences with everyone. Have a look at her facebook blog:

Travel WITH Joy

Travel WITH Joy

I realized that I draw more than 10 Mandalas during my stay in Casablanca. Let’s see what we can do with these Art pieces. I am not throwing them away, but I am also not taking them with me. I will just keep on drawing more. For now, it’s enough for me to have the pictures online so I can share this with you.

That’s all for now. I will be back next week with some news. Busy weekend in the restaurant ahead of me now. The last time as a german waitress in a Restaurant in Chile owned by a Southafrican. I only have good memories when thinking of my stay at Casa Botha. A lot of experiences have to be processed.

One big question comes to my mind more and more often: what do I want to do with my life?

Will I become an actress, an artist, a writer, a photographer? I realized one thing already. I am one of the few who have the privilege to choose. I can do anything. And that’s exactly the hardest part of it. Choosing. Well, right now I am just on a big brainstorm and discovery journey. So hopefully I will know more when I go back home.