Here I am again, writing to you from Casablanca, Chile. The last weeks have been surprisingly adventurous and busy. Time passes quickly and I realize I’ve almost spend a whole month here already. Although it was not planned to stay for so long, I enjoy being here and helping out.

Still, I am trying to find my next destination. Where will it be?

I haven’t figured that out yet. A little while ago I got a membership at the website helpx. It’s for woofing: working and roofing. Means, people that need help with their work – let’s call them hosts – put a text with information on this website to tell every volunteer like me – let’s call them helper – what’s to be done and what kind of help is needed. One can find organic farms, hostels, restaurants, schools and many other places to go and work for food and accomodation.

I found some places I was keen to visit.

One was a pizzeria in the south of Chile, but at the moment they are on christimas holidays until January. The other place was a camping with cabins for all kinds of tourists, owned by a british couple. Right now, they have many visitors since the summer started over here. Means, they don’t have space for volunteers – only from March onwards. In Bolivia, there was a Yoga Ashram I wanted to go. They haven’t replied to my email and it’s been two weeks now. Well, I can still jump on a bus and go wherever I want to go, travel further north, to La Serena, or see if the Uyuni Desert in Bolivia offers some Panorama and Landscape views for me to capture in Photographs. Still, christmas and new years is coming up. It doesn’t seem to be the best time for traveling. I assume that the prices in all places will rise up and that leaves me with less options than expected. I guess that time will tell me when to leave. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be happening…

What’s happening in my free time?

Last week I went to get my first acupuncture. A woman my age treated me. A very interesting and positive experience. Her advice: more exercise. Well, at the moment my only exercise is gardening and cleaning, and serving customers in the restaurant. At least I am not sitting in buses and hostels, like „the normal“ tourists.

She said to me it’s a very wise decision to travel alone.

I will be more independent, and do not have to make compromises. Very true. Also I will be easily getting in contact with strangers, locals, spanish people. When traveling with someone else, you tend to end up in this little cloud of two or more people. You do everything together. No need to have conversations with strangers. It was quite motivating to hear that from her.

Good news: My first nature photographs are captured. Bad news: the internet connection is way too slow over here to upload them. More bad news: I haven’t even got photoshop or any other program I can work on to reduce the size of the images. So for now, I decided to leave it for some other time to upload more pictures. It’s a pity but I hope that I can figure out a way, maybe on my next stop. Cross your fingers for me!