I am currently staying with a South African family who’s owner David has a Restaurant, CASA BOTHA is its name, right between Santiago and Valparaiso. He offers the best organic food and wine from the region to his customers – and I will be able to help him out when things get busy. In the weekends its crowded with visitors. I have had the chance to have my first serving experiences last weekend. Some in English, some in Spanish. A very beautiful place… the food is delicious and the wine is, too – some things are not meant to be put into words. And I can’t. Call it lack of vocabulary, or laziness. Haha 🙂  Come visit it on your own and see and taste it yourself.

Secondly, when the Restaurant is not too busy, I help out at the house: gardening, cleaning. There’s always something that needs to be done. And if it is cuddling his dogs: he’s got nine dogs, most of them were rescued. That’s a side information but the situation with the street dogs here in Chile is really bad. Sometimes I think there’s more dogs than people in Chile. Most of them don’t have an owner. Well… at least this wonderful  man takes nomades like me in as well.

I am glad to be here, to get the chance to prove my skills, help out and spread love. It’s a beautiful place.
Good to rest and find peace. Perfect to not get distracted by media, the internet in general, or this super busy world out there. I am glad to be a different traveler, not this normal tourist that runs from one attraction to the other. We’ve already planed some projects I’ll work on the next days. Cross your fingers for me and I’ll tell you about it when it’s done… if it’s good enough to show it to the public, hehe…

I got a membership at helpx, where I can hopefully find my next destination. It will probably only be in January 2016 when I travel further. Looks like I’ll stay here for a bit longer than I actually expected. It looked like a short visit, like a stop for one or two, make it three nights. Turned out to be too good to leave that early. As I promised to myself: walk steady, don’t rush. I got to keep this promise now to myself. Feeling good! Anything missing? Go ask some questions, I’m here to answer them!