From Santiago de Chile to Valparaíso it takes one or two hours – depending on traffic and bus connection. I basically went there after 2 nights in Santiago because the city was too much for my for starting my journey. Overstimulation! This word gets it to the point. Well…

Valparaíso… what can I say: right when I arrived, I met a german guy named Felix and we spend some nice days together in the Pata Pata Hostel. Anyone who ever makes it to this place: congratulations. It’s got everything you need as a backpacker. In this Hostel I met the French who invited me to join them for drawing an Art Piece on the wall. I never used spray cans before. But I couldn’t say no to an offer like that!

My own Art in Valparaíso, the city of Street Art – Hello? Of course I joined them. You’ll soon find more about this – I call it my first official „Project“, in the Project Section in the Menu.

I also took part in a Graffiti Tour and was introduced to some of the Street Art of Valparaíso, which I share with you in the „Street Art“ Section in the Menu.