by Miri

I arrived in Santiago de Chile – and I’ve had a wonderful first day. The first people I met were two Germans I got to know during waiting at the check in counter in Amsterdam. We had some nice conversations after in Madrid they took a different plane, so I ended up by myself again – until I got to know my neighbours in the plane. One from Bolivia who could be my uncle, and one at the age of 23 named Bob. Bob is from Scotland, he told me how he quit is job in forestry because he got an offer to sail from the south of Chile to Argentina. It’s a three months trip for which he gets paid as well – including flight. Well, that’s one good job I suppose…

Arriving at the airport, I had no idea what’s the best way to get into the city. Taxis are always the easy, lazy and expensive option – I never take this option. Well, I saw this nice young woman standing a few meters next to me and I thought it would be a good idea to ask her for help. She looked like a young traveller as well, and she seemed to be experienced. Her name is Carlota. The first thing she said was that it was her first time in South America as well – but at least she’s from Spain. She waited for her best friend to pick her up. In the end they took me to his apartment. So one hour after my arrival I was sitting in a students flat with three Spanish people from Madrid (the third one, his girlfriend, arrived right after us).

They helped me finding an affordable hostel close to the centre of the city. The prices for Hostels in Chile are – for backpackers and ex students like me – not affordable. 13$ per night was the best offer I could find, Jorge – our Spanish friend – found one for 8 Euros per night – well, that’s the one I took. And in the hostel I found something else. More awesome people! There’s Jack from the UK – I spend the afternoon with him walking around in the city. He showed me where to get good food, where to find some nature… and told me a lot of things about his journey. He started six months ago in Mexico and travelled south. On his way he got robbed more than once, reminding myself about being careful and watch your stuff. Well, they can’t steal much from me despite some panties and a towel… haha! And there’s Ersin as well, a half Turkish half Chilenian, working voluntarily in the hostel and living here in Chile for 11 years. In other words: he was glad to meet a half Turkish person in Chile, which is a rare thing. Not many Turkish here, I think. I watched a movie in Spanish with him last night in the hostel living room before I went to bed and had the worst nightmares. Wow.

Dreamt about a dead Spanish woman wet from the rain in a white dress lying in my bed and crying. I dreamt the rain came through the roof and dropped down on my bed, and that some ghosts or demons were shaking me around. The dream session ended with a nice jog I took with some people from my Theatre group in Hamburg. There was a horse following me, very aggressive, it took my head into its mouth. I knew that it would bite it off if I moved, so I didn’t. I survived my dreams. So is anyone familiar with this and could interpret it for me? I am curious. Never dream creepy things like these. Maybe this is an old house with haunted ghosts who trouble the guests at night. Maybe it’s my travel confusion. Who knows…

I did not take pictures so far because I need some time to orientate myself and arrive a hundred percent. So far it feels like my body arrived and my mind is still in between two lands. So be patient with me, good work takes a while. I hope my little stories keep you excited for more info. If you have any questions – please ask. I am sure there is a lot. This is just a quick update to you. Just the beginning of the story and sharing my very first impressions.

Either way, the video at the beginning of this Chapter 4 is a philosophical approach on the world and its happenings, by José Alberto „Pepe“ Mujica Cordano, the former president of Uruguay. The Spanish showed it to me. I really liked his thoughts. Please, have a look – it’s really impressive! I am interested in what you think about it.

Thanks for the read. See you later 🙂