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Am I late for Christmas?

On the Road
Impulse Earth Nature Photography Casablanca, Chile

Yes, I am. And this is how it all went:

I took the bus from Santiago, Chile to the south of Argentina. It took me almost a whole day to arrive in my new destination which is Bariloche, a small town surrounded by the Andes and beautiful lakes. It’s a bit like Switzerland – Chocolate, Lakes, Hiking, Snowboarding in winter (but it’s now summer here)… and cows. Well, the big difference is that the people speak Spanish here and the currency is Argentinean Pesos.

I volunteer in a Hostel with the name ‚Punto Sur‘.

It’s a very colorful and contemporary place. The other volunteers are wonderful. And suddenly all doing a very similar thing I do: France, Canada, Germany – all on wordpress. All blogging about their journey, travels, experiences. Everyone of them has slightly a different idea and of course a different journey. I like! I will share it with you soon. But now I want to show you something else:

My first Picture Compilation of Nature Photography is online!

Nature Photography   <— click, click, click!
Have fun, leave me some comments, give me crazy and constructive critics. 

I am planing to stay in Bariloche for about a month. On my free days I will do what one can do here: go hiking. It’s THE place for nature and all that. So there will be more Nature Photography soon of course!

What did I do on Christmas Eve?

Well, to those who don’t know it yet: it’s not really a big deal for me. One other day of the year. So I wasn’t that bothered about it so much. We had a barbecue in the Hostel, all volunteers together. I enjoyed being in an international group chatting, exchanging travel experiences and getting to know the others. A good start so far. What did you do on Christmas? What where your presents? Tell me how you spent your time.

I know I have quite a few travelers who read my blog entrees and I want their comments as well!

Unconventional Christmas… feliz navidad a todo la gente del mundo! I am learning spanish day by day and improving fast. And I have some ideas about improving without spending money for a school. I won’t tell you much, just that: Helpx! Cheers, see you soon! Take care! Process! Miri

Spending Christmas in a Bus to Patagonia !? YES.


You didn’t hear from me recently because I was busy with a few things. Taking pictures of the beautiful nature here in Casablanca, visiting the winegrowers Angela & Marco and helping them with Labeling a few thousand Bottles of Wine, eating the most delicious food, and last but not least: planing my trip and my next destination. I got it now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present my next destination: Bariloche, Argentina.

From what people say, it’s the Spring Break Place for Argentineans. But it’s nowhere near to the beach. It’s in Patagonia, so it’s in the south. In the Mountains, or 2000km from here. I decided to take the 20h bus. It was quite expensive, 50.000 CLP which is about 70 Euros. Well, I am still in my travel budget. Woofing is good for saving money. I decided to buy a christmas gift for myself.

I need a small Laptop or Tablet to edit my pictures. Any recommendations?

Well, it turns out that Argentina is not the best place for buying such things. It’s simply too expensive. I should have brought one with from Germany, well…it’s too late for that now.

Let me tell you more about Bariloche, Argentina – and what I will do there.

I found a Hostel where I can work for a few weeks. It’s in the heart of Bariloche next to a beautiful big lake. I found it at helpx and it turns out they want me in their team. Great news! Hopefully I can practise some more Spanish there and learn something new every day – my work will include cooking, cleaning, reception, and all those things you do when you work in a Hostel. Chatting to the guests, drinking beer, eating meat – you know, just hard work.

Let me find out if it’s true that there are many people from Switzerland in this region. Maybe it even looks a bit like Switzerland with lakes and mountains… let’s be curious.

But there’s still a few days ahead of me right here in Casablanca, my current location. For a start, it was the most wonderful place for me to begin my journey through South America. It turns out my Hosts daughter Joy – don’t be confused, that is her name – does something very similiar to what I do: Traveling and sharing here experiences with everyone. Have a look at her facebook blog:

Travel WITH Joy
Travel WITH Joy

I realized that I draw more than 10 Mandalas during my stay in Casablanca. Let’s see what we can do with these Art pieces. I am not throwing them away, but I am also not taking them with me. I will just keep on drawing more. For now, it’s enough for me to have the pictures online so I can share this with you.

That’s all for now. I will be back next week with some news. Busy weekend in the restaurant ahead of me now. The last time as a german waitress in a Restaurant in Chile owned by a Southafrican. I only have good memories when thinking of my stay at Casa Botha. A lot of experiences have to be processed.

One big question comes to my mind more and more often: what do I want to do with my life?

Will I become an actress, an artist, a writer, a photographer? I realized one thing already. I am one of the few who have the privilege to choose. I can do anything. And that’s exactly the hardest part of it. Choosing. Well, right now I am just on a big brainstorm and discovery journey. So hopefully I will know more when I go back home.

Travel Recommendations for Chile – listen and learn

Casablanca, Sunset, Dec 2015. By Miri

After some weeks spent in Chile there’s some things I want to share with you. Not only things that I’ve learnt, but also advices I’ve been given for my further destinations by people who live here for a long time and other travelers.

1 – avoid anxious people.

It’s common to get robbed here. Chilean people are very clever. They know how to distract you and get your stuff when you don’t pay attention. Almost everyone I met so far had a story to share about things getting stolen from him. Laptop, Tablet, Camera, Wallet, Passport, or just a bag with every important thing inside. In the first place, never put all your important stuff in one bag. My goal is to go home without getting robbed. How? Be conscious, observe, be careful with your things, follow your feeling. If you have a bad feeling about a place, a hostel or people, leave this place. That’s always an option.

2 – money.

Chile is not a cheap place for travelers. It’s quite comparable to Germany to be honest. One Euro equals 750 Chilean Pesos. 1000 Pesos is one Luca. For a Beer you pay 3 Luca, for wine you can pay 5.000 CLP (5 Luca)  for a 1liter bottle. Hostels are quite pricy. 10 Luca per night is a good price. That would be around 15 Euros. Not cheap at all, especially when compared to places like Bolivia where everything is supposed to be very very cheap. Well, can’t tell yet, haven’t been there so far. But I will get back to it!

3 – take the bus.

Even for long distance travels the bus is the best way to go over here. It’s not expensive. You can find offers for 10.000 CLP from Santiago to the very south of Chile, Patagonia for example – it’s 700km or more towards south (depending on where exactly you are planing to go). I will tell you soon how much the trip I am planing to my next destination cost me. But for now I’ll keep it a secret 😉

4 – the spanish language.

It’s quite obvious that chilean people tend to mumble. They don’t even give a damn that words like „gracias“ (thank you) are spelled with an „s“ at the end. They just say „gracia“. Basically they forget about the letter „s“ completely. It’s not the best place to learn spanish after all I’ve heard. But still it’s possible if you get used to the chilen…let’s call it slang.

5 – mobile phone?

well, if you chose to travel without a smartphone, you defenetely chose the more difficult way to go. But still, you can always go the old fashioned way. Asking people for help, and with that I’ve only had positive experiences so far. When arriving at a new place and having no idea about the map or hostels etc. it’s defenetely better to have a phone and wifi to google quickly and not get lost. But if you find an internetcafe, that’s always a good alternative option. It’s just more work. But it works.

6 – trade.

Since Chile is somewhat like an island – the Pacific Ocean on its west, the desert in the north, the Andes in the east, and the Antarctica in the south – it’s very strict with what can enter the country. So you better not bring coffee, maize or any organic souvenirs from neighbour countries such as Bolivia, Peru or Argentina with you. They might not make it through 😉

Anything else you’d like to know about Chile? Feel free to ask! Hope you could learn something new!

Helpx, Acupuncture and a very wise decision

Copyright Miss Miri & Impulse Earth 2016, all rights reserved, not permitted for commercial use.

Here I am again, writing to you from Casablanca, Chile. The last weeks have been surprisingly adventurous and busy. Time passes quickly and I realize I’ve almost spend a whole month here already. Although it was not planned to stay for so long, I enjoy being here and helping out.

Still, I am trying to find my next destination. Where will it be?

I haven’t figured that out yet. A little while ago I got a membership at the website helpx. It’s for woofing: working and roofing. Means, people that need help with their work – let’s call them hosts – put a text with information on this website to tell every volunteer like me – let’s call them helper – what’s to be done and what kind of help is needed. One can find organic farms, hostels, restaurants, schools and many other places to go and work for food and accomodation.

I found some places I was keen to visit.

One was a pizzeria in the south of Chile, but at the moment they are on christimas holidays until January. The other place was a camping with cabins for all kinds of tourists, owned by a british couple. Right now, they have many visitors since the summer started over here. Means, they don’t have space for volunteers – only from March onwards. In Bolivia, there was a Yoga Ashram I wanted to go. They haven’t replied to my email and it’s been two weeks now. Well, I can still jump on a bus and go wherever I want to go, travel further north, to La Serena, or see if the Uyuni Desert in Bolivia offers some Panorama and Landscape views for me to capture in Photographs. Still, christmas and new years is coming up. It doesn’t seem to be the best time for traveling. I assume that the prices in all places will rise up and that leaves me with less options than expected. I guess that time will tell me when to leave. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be happening…

What’s happening in my free time?

Last week I went to get my first acupuncture. A woman my age treated me. A very interesting and positive experience. Her advice: more exercise. Well, at the moment my only exercise is gardening and cleaning, and serving customers in the restaurant. At least I am not sitting in buses and hostels, like „the normal“ tourists.

She said to me it’s a very wise decision to travel alone.

I will be more independent, and do not have to make compromises. Very true. Also I will be easily getting in contact with strangers, locals, spanish people. When traveling with someone else, you tend to end up in this little cloud of two or more people. You do everything together. No need to have conversations with strangers. It was quite motivating to hear that from her.

Good news: My first nature photographs are captured. Bad news: the internet connection is way too slow over here to upload them. More bad news: I haven’t even got photoshop or any other program I can work on to reduce the size of the images. So for now, I decided to leave it for some other time to upload more pictures. It’s a pity but I hope that I can figure out a way, maybe on my next stop. Cross your fingers for me!

Casa Botha: where I am & what I do


I am currently staying with a South African family who’s owner David has a Restaurant, CASA BOTHA is its name, right between Santiago and Valparaiso. He offers the best organic food and wine from the region to his customers – and I will be able to help him out when things get busy. In the weekends its crowded with visitors. I have had the chance to have my first serving experiences last weekend. Some in English, some in Spanish. A very beautiful place… the food is delicious and the wine is, too – some things are not meant to be put into words. And I can’t. Call it lack of vocabulary, or laziness. Haha 🙂  Come visit it on your own and see and taste it yourself.

Secondly, when the Restaurant is not too busy, I help out at the house: gardening, cleaning. There’s always something that needs to be done. And if it is cuddling his dogs: he’s got nine dogs, most of them were rescued. That’s a side information but the situation with the street dogs here in Chile is really bad. Sometimes I think there’s more dogs than people in Chile. Most of them don’t have an owner. Well… at least this wonderful  man takes nomades like me in as well.

I am glad to be here, to get the chance to prove my skills, help out and spread love. It’s a beautiful place.
Good to rest and find peace. Perfect to not get distracted by media, the internet in general, or this super busy world out there. I am glad to be a different traveler, not this normal tourist that runs from one attraction to the other. We’ve already planed some projects I’ll work on the next days. Cross your fingers for me and I’ll tell you about it when it’s done… if it’s good enough to show it to the public, hehe…

I got a membership at helpx, where I can hopefully find my next destination. It will probably only be in January 2016 when I travel further. Looks like I’ll stay here for a bit longer than I actually expected. It looked like a short visit, like a stop for one or two, make it three nights. Turned out to be too good to leave that early. As I promised to myself: walk steady, don’t rush. I got to keep this promise now to myself. Feeling good! Anything missing? Go ask some questions, I’m here to answer them!