Dezember 2015

Am I late for Christmas?

Yes, I am. And this is how it all went: I took the bus from Santiago, Chile to the south of Argentina. It took me almost a whole day to arrive in my new destination which is Bariloche, a small… Weiterlesen →

Spending Christmas in a Bus to Patagonia !? YES.

  You didn’t hear from me recently because I was busy with a few things. Taking pictures of the beautiful nature here in Casablanca, visiting the winegrowers Angela & Marco and helping them with Labeling a few thousand Bottles of… Weiterlesen →

Travel Recommendations for Chile – listen and learn

After some weeks spent in Chile there’s some things I want to share with you. Not only things that I’ve learnt, but also advices I’ve been given for my further destinations by people who live here for a long time… Weiterlesen →

Helpx, Acupuncture and a very wise decision

Here I am again, writing to you from Casablanca, Chile. The last weeks have been surprisingly adventurous and busy. Time passes quickly and I realize I’ve almost spend a whole month here already. Although it was not planned to stay… Weiterlesen →

Casa Botha: where I am & what I do

I am currently staying with a South African family who’s owner David has a Restaurant, CASA BOTHA is its name, right between Santiago and Valparaiso. He offers the best organic food and wine from the region to his customers –… Weiterlesen →

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