November 2015

Valparaiso – Pata Pata & Empanada

From Santiago de Chile to Valparaíso it takes one or two hours – depending on traffic and bus connection. I basically went there after 2 nights in Santiago because the city was too much for my for starting my journey…. Weiterlesen →

In between two lands: the arrival in Santiago de Chile

by Miri I arrived in Santiago de Chile – and I’ve had a wonderful first day. The first people I met were two Germans I got to know during waiting at the check in counter in Amsterdam. We had some… Weiterlesen →

El Vocabulario

  by Miri Today I created a random vocabulary list. I wrote down sentences I picked up in the ECOS Spanish German multilingual magazine. The first step towards learning a new language has been made. Let’s see how quickly I… Weiterlesen →


by Miri I stumbled across several blog entrees today. All from travelers and digital nomads talking about South America and giving recommendations about packing, money, hostels, buses, travel routes, places – must do’s, must see’s and so on. But after… Weiterlesen →

Home Zone

by Miri I am busy with the last preparations before departure. My flight goes on November 10th from Amsterdam Schiphol via Madrid, and then straight to Santiago de Chile. I will arrive on Wednesday early morning. Me in the center of a… Weiterlesen →

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