by Miri

I stumbled across several blog entrees today. All from travelers and digital nomads talking about South America and giving recommendations about packing, money, hostels, buses, travel routes, places – must do’s, must see’s and so on. But after a while there was just one thought left in my head: „It’s not my journey they talk about in their texts. It’s all based on their personal experiences. Mine will be different anyway.“

In the end I can tell: I prepare myself differently. Researching online is – for me, personally – definitely NOT the best way to get a good overview about what’s coming up next. It’s not a good feeling at all. It’s like sneaking into the next chapter of a book before you finished the actual one. You’re not supposed to know more than you know right now. Strict and consequent preparation takes away your intuition and improvisation capability. Don’t read other peoples travel advices. Make your own instead.

Here’s mine:

What we need to survive on a adventure is the following: passport, some clothes in your bag, some money, a book for writing down your thoughts or sentences you learn in the foreign language, and a positive mindset.

You must know for yourself that there might be people like you and you will meet them sooner or later. I am already looking forward to my first day on South American ground!