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For 30 days I’ve been posting a picture on facebook daily that contains some of my Kaleidoscope Art and one of my favourite Quotes: from Literature, Poems, Writers, Songs and Friends. 

What’s the idea behind this project?

First of all, I think everybody should express themselves. We are – many of us – all the time – focused on polishing our Ego. Everyone of you knows the phenomena of people showing off their perfect beautiful lives on facebook while behind the curtain they’re lonely and bored behind their laptops not really knowing what they’re doing and waiting for likes. That’s the fake life of facebook. Are you aware of this? Do you behave like this, too? Sure most of you do. It’s kind of a feeling of acknowledgement when people like your picture. But is what you show on the picture really you or just your nice butt after a super great workout, or your beauty fuck face after 20 YouTube Make Up Tutorials? What are you proud of? What are you making public? And why? Do you feel comfortable like this? Yes? No? Because…?

Inspired by the book „The Power of Now“ by Eckhart Tolle

Can you tell me your own opinion on this and not some nice sentence that sounded great when somebody else said it who you think is a role model?

To sum it up: Expressing yourself how I mean it and polishing the Ego how most people do are two different things. Polishing the Ego and collecting likes has a lack of the most important detail: authenticity.

Whatever you do – make sure it’s authentic. It’s human. It’s you. And not your Ego that does it.

Quote: From the Game Antichamber

So… by posting my pictures and quotes I try to be authentic and share my personal thoughts on different topics that deal with self expression and understanding one self and each other. In my opinion everybody should do it – share thoughts, ideas, opinions. We are so often talking about bullshit. It’s easy, media feeds us with new bullshit every day. We get so distracted from what is important. I am not talking about refugees – that is important. I am talking about YouTube Channels with nonsense content.

I end this quick brainstorm with one of my favourite quotes I found a while ago on facebook:

„I see you looking but not liking. It’s ok. I don’t post for likes. I post to spread knowledge, keep looking.“

Oh, and – did you know? When somebody likes your picture, it can be seen by every single one of his friends on the time line. So you better make sure it’s the good stuff that gets through to the prople. Be informative and inspire. Everyone’s got a story to tell!

Speak the truth: From the Kabbala

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