Crumble a la Punto Sur: Stay modest when getting the applause


While volunteering in Bariloche/Argentina in the Hostel Punto Sur I got introduced to the Crumble:

a dessert to die for.

It’s super easy to make!

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
Waiting time while it bakes and „makes love“: 30 Minutes

That’s it.

Here are the details:

What you need

Ingredients :

  • 4 big apples (preferably red)
  • 5 green soft freshpears
  • 100g of butter
  • 100g of sugar
  • 150g of flour
  • cinnamon

How to make it

1  Cut the apples and the pears in cubes. Choose the size your mouth likes the most.


2  Cook the apples in a pot with butter for 5 minutes so they get softer. Add the pears after a minute and a fair amount of cinnamon. If you have the luxury to get some, you should also add almond powder.


in the meantime….

3  put the butter, the flour and the sugar in a bowl and enjoy mixing them with your freshly washed hands. It should soon start looking like a crumble: If you can form a ball that stays, but breaks when pushed a little bit harder – like wet sand – it’s perfect. congratulations.


Back to the butter soaked „cinnamonned“ fruits

They should be quite soft by now.

4 – Put them into a baking pan and spread them evenly.

5 – Crumble the crumble over them.

6 – Put in the oven until the crumble gets golden brown.

7 – Serve it hot (comes best with home made limoncello).

¡buen provecho! – Guten Appetit! – Bon appetit! – Afiyet olsun! – Enjoy your meal

I want to hear from you what you think after you’ve tried your own homemade crumble. Post it here!

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  1. wir haben hier zuzweit versucht raus zu kriegen wo du unterwegs warst ,, auf welche Gupfel die du Cleimben wolltest..vergeblich nicht steht auf der Carte ,, noch ein klarere tipp vielleicht .. mlg.

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