Bye bye, Bariloche. 

Quick update:

I finally found Internet that’s fast enough for uploading some pictures and cheap enough for sitting in the Internet Cafe for a bit longer to tell you where I’ve been and what I am doing now.

Since my initial plan was to travel north to Bolivia – which did not succeed – I ended up in Bariloche, Argentina, the Patagonian area. From there I decided to travel further South – can this be a total wrong turn or a total right turn – look at the pictures I show you. See it as a Sneak Peak.


I think it’s the total right turn. Haha, Bolivia, see you later! But definitely see you.

But for now: I did not belive that Patagonia would be SO beautiful.

I heared from so many people to go here. I am now back on the Chilean side. A few days ago I crossed the border walking. There were no cars on the Argentinean side to Hitchhike with. – well, luckily I am trained, thanks to the Camino Santiago de Compostela I managed to walk last year. Argentina is a desert where Chile is a Jungle – thanks to the Andes. They mess up the whole climate! 😀

Exciting times, a lot of nature, camping, wild camping, low budget traveling, no hostels – maybe once a week a stay in a rural house in a small town off road from the bigger touristy towns. You can see the picture I draw: There is no WIFI in the forest.

But believe me, I am still here, collecting amazing things – Experiences, Pictures – Stories – which I will all share as soon as the time allows me.


Frey – Sneak Peak – standing on the first peak, seeing the second one to cross in the distance. Two mountains in one day. Up and down, up and down again. 

My route so far, which I accomplished not all by myself, but with a Travel Compañero from France – with Vincent (you see a picture of him on my Tranquilo Post)…


…definitely got some nice Nature Shots in my pocket!

Bariloche – El Bolson – Hollo – Esquel – Trevelin – Las Cypreces – Futaleufu – Villa Sta Lucia – Puyuhuapi – Puerto Cisnes – Puerto Aysen – Coyhaique (that’s where I am now. But only for 12 more hours.)

Almost half way to our final destination: Torres del Paine. We will do some hiking before, training ourselves for the long run. Keep you up to date!