Yes, I am. And this is how it all went:

I took the bus from Santiago, Chile to the south of Argentina. It took me almost a whole day to arrive in my new destination which is Bariloche, a small town surrounded by the Andes and beautiful lakes. It’s a bit like Switzerland – Chocolate, Lakes, Hiking, Snowboarding in winter (but it’s now summer here)… and cows. Well, the big difference is that the people speak Spanish here and the currency is Argentinean Pesos.

I volunteer in a Hostel with the name ‚Punto Sur‘.

It’s a very colorful and contemporary place. The other volunteers are wonderful. And suddenly all doing a very similar thing I do: France, Canada, Germany – all on wordpress. All blogging about their journey, travels, experiences. Everyone of them has slightly a different idea and of course a different journey. I like! I will share it with you soon. But now I want to show you something else:

My first Picture Compilation of Nature Photography is online!

Nature Photography   <— click, click, click!
Have fun, leave me some comments, give me crazy and constructive critics. 

I am planing to stay in Bariloche for about a month. On my free days I will do what one can do here: go hiking. It’s THE place for nature and all that. So there will be more Nature Photography soon of course!

What did I do on Christmas Eve?

Well, to those who don’t know it yet: it’s not really a big deal for me. One other day of the year. So I wasn’t that bothered about it so much. We had a barbecue in the Hostel, all volunteers together. I enjoyed being in an international group chatting, exchanging travel experiences and getting to know the others. A good start so far. What did you do on Christmas? What where your presents? Tell me how you spent your time.

I know I have quite a few travelers who read my blog entrees and I want their comments as well!

Unconventional Christmas… feliz navidad a todo la gente del mundo! I am learning spanish day by day and improving fast. And I have some ideas about improving without spending money for a school. I won’t tell you much, just that: Helpx! Cheers, see you soon! Take care! Process! Miri