by Miri

I am busy with the last preparations before departure. My flight goes on November 10th from Amsterdam Schiphol via Madrid, and then straight to Santiago de Chile. I will arrive on Wednesday early morning.

Me in the center of a southern american chaotic mega city. Not one spanish word in my pocket. Some call it brave, some call it ridicolous, some call it naive, I call it adventure.

If you know any words in spanish you think I might need – especially during the first days – you’re welcome to post them in the comment section below my entry.

Until then, I hope you’ll stay with me for this long exciting journey. I know most of you won’t be able to book a flight and just leave as I do. See it as I do it for you, so you are able to join me virtually. That’s why I am gladly sharing my pictures, thoughts, encounters, stories with you.