Webbing Ojos De Dios

on July 7 a Mandala Workshop is taking place in Münster with Miss Miri. Dates & Time: 3-6pm, Leonardocampus Gardens. Bring your own wool and lets create something cool. Visit Mandala Gallery  

Interview with Miss Miri, owner of Impulse Earth


Exhibition: Melting Pot

On June 1.st 2017, the next Vernissage will take place in Tecklenburg Sparkasse. Come and see the latest arrivals of Digital Mandala Fine Art… the Unique Canvas Pieces will be exhibited for one month until June 30th.  

Exhibition: Die Sophie

Hi everybody, the big day of May – so to say… is going to be wednesday the 24th. The Vernissage Digital Mandalas will start on 8pm and continue until mitnight or so. Come and join us for some beautiful new… Weiterlesen →

Window shopping: First exhibition in 2017!

Hey you beautiful, I have launched my first exhibition in 2017 last night in the Mosque of Münster, Germany. Everyone of the Mosque is very happy to see my art in their windows, and I am glad to share it… Weiterlesen →


UNIQUE PIECES ONLY! Find your favourite pieces in the gallery, book your exhibition, contact me for more infos…   >> VISIT SHOP ___________________________________________________________________________

Mandalas in Motion: Videos

On my YouTube Channel you can now find videos like this one and more Mandala creations. Subscribe and follow my progress!


Hey, it’s me again, Miri! For a long time you didnt hear anything from me. Why is that? I am busy! This is what I do at the moment – a brief description, since it’s still a bit of processing… Weiterlesen →

100 Digital Mandala Series: Full Gallery

Here is my Digital Mandala Gallery of 100 pieces total! Click for full size. Enjoy!

Photoshop Tutorial for beginners: „digital mandalize“

I learnt from this 6 minute long video   how to put this photo (Llanes, Spain, March 2015)                     into this digital Mandala within 5 minutes in photoshop.   Have fun… Weiterlesen →

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