Window shopping: First exhibition in 2017!

Hey you beautiful,

I have launched my first exhibition in 2017 last night in the Mosque of Münster, Germany. Everyone of the Mosque is very happy to see my art in their windows, and I am glad to share it with the world, too.

The mosque is right next to the big train station of the city. So I hope my international Mandalas will meet international travelers and make some new friends.

Unique pieces only, no reprinting.

Location of exhibition:
DITIB Central Mosque I Merkez Camii
Bremer Platz 42

if you want your own, get in touch with me.



Hey, it’s me again, Miri!

For a long time you didnt hear anything from me. Why is that? I am busy! This is what I do at the moment – a brief description, since it’s still a bit of processing and experimenting.

  1. my latest discovery is movie making with Adobe Premiere Pro. I learnt this when I was a child, and also had some courses during university, but dude – it’s some time ago and you know what happens to skills you don’t train. You do not actually improve in this field. Your brain rewires and you actually forget about the field you used to be good in. So now I kind of start back at zero but hey, it’s fun, that’s the most important part.(Watch this on YouTube and Subscribe to my Channel, there will be more videos in the future, also videos with me! When scrolling further down and reading about my projects, you will have a rough idea on what these videos could be about).

    Take a look:

    feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below <3

  2. Mandala drawing: many people sent me videos of art produced with a drawing tablet and in a computer program – e.g. sketch book pro or paintstorm, with which you can actually mirror and duplicate the pencil you are drawing with. Means, you do not have to repeat every move and copy paste the form yourself. The program does it for you. It speeds up the whole process intensly. Well, I am not sure at the moment if this is my favourite way of drawing mandalas. Sure, it’s a lot of fun, looks cool, but hey – guys lets be honest – is it no the repetitive movements you make when drawing a Mandala that makes it a unique experience. You train your patience and hypnotize yourself. It’s not really about being as accurate or quick as possible.

  3.  Of course I continue with my Digital Mandala Series, currently hitting the 80 pieces mark – after 6 months of a good process and learning. The universe sent me more and more beautiful ideas, I improved on many levels – choosing the right picture to work with, learning about quality issues, and I printed my first pieces on canvas, had two exhibitions in summer this year, and sold my art. It feels great, and I will definitely continue on this project.

    Firetrain - Copyright Impulse Earth 2016
    Firetrain – Copyright Impulse Earth 2016
  4. Drawing skills – of course I continue to draw the traditional way. It is really the closest experience to the act of creating something when you do it with bare hands, no tools in between – no cutting program, photo editing, or other. My sister is here to visit at the moment, we are living in the same place. So whenever we find the time, we draw together. At the moment just for fun, but who knows what I can make of this one day when our mandala collection grows big enough.

    Sister Cooperation - drawn together.

  5. Wall Mandalas! Wow, one of my favourite things to do. Unfortunately, there are not so many free walls for me to be found. Well, to be honest – I see walls everywhere and imagine Mandalas to be on them. Guess this will just take some more time to be everyday life for me. Some days ago I put this wonderful design on a wall in the center of he city – Münster streets in Germany – so whenever you visit my home town, make sure to grab a coffee in the fyal cafe and check out my art! Cooperation with Dirk here, words: ‚dirty‘
    Location fyal in Münster City / City Center
    ‚dirty‘ Graffiti + THE CIRCUS ROOF MANDALA


    Thanks for reading guys, stay creative, express yourself, share your ideas and inspire other people to do the same. Spread love! Color the world! We need more of those things words can’t describe. Less blabla, more WOW!















100 Digital Mandala Series: Full Gallery

Photoshop Tutorial for beginners: „digital mandalize“

I learnt from this 6 minute long video


how to put this photo (Llanes, Spain, March 2015)












into this digital Mandala


within 5 minutes in photoshop.


Have fun with the colours!

2 Minutes blogpost read

6 Minutes watching the YouTube video attached

2 Minutes opening program and choosing a picture

5 Minutes editing

______________________________________________  15 Minutes for beginners.

View the gallery of my before – after examples here

Go to Digital Mandala Gallery


Phasen (german)

Language: German
Sprache: Deutsch
Idioma: Alemana



Gedanken über eine Phase
ein kleiner Vers


…es ist eben so, wie es ist –

und manchmal nicht so, wie man es gerne hätte.

akzeptiere, dass es so ist

und dass nur durch die Veränderung

alles so werden kann, wie man es gerne hätte.

Aber nicht mit Hektik, nicht mit Stress

oder durch Zwang.

Die Veränderung ist nicht erzwingbar.

Sie kommt mit der Einsicht, dann,

wenn man geduldig ist,

erwartungsvoll und zuversichtlich,

aufmerksames Vertrauen in jeden Moment legt.

Es ist nicht dein Leben,

sondern ein Moment deines Lebens. nur

-ein temporärer Zustand – der verweilt.

Lerne durch ihn.

Begreife, dass du eine wundervolle Geschichte schreibst:

Deine Eigene.

…und sie ist eben so, wie sie ist.

Sie ist einzigartig.

more on

Miss Miri – The Ego vs. Authenticity


see the full collection here010_thinksmart

For 30 days I’ve been posting a picture on facebook daily that contains some of my Kaleidoscope Art and one of my favourite Quotes: from Literature, Poems, Writers, Songs and Friends. 

What’s the idea behind this project?

First of all, I think everybody should express themselves. We are – many of us – all the time – focused on polishing our Ego. Everyone of you knows the phenomena of people showing off their perfect beautiful lives on facebook while behind the curtain they’re lonely and bored behind their laptops not really knowing what they’re doing and waiting for likes. That’s the fake life of facebook. Are you aware of this? Do you behave like this, too? Sure most of you do. It’s kind of a feeling of acknowledgement when people like your picture. But is what you show on the picture really you or just your nice butt after a super great workout, or your beauty fuck face after 20 YouTube Make Up Tutorials? What are you proud of? What are you making public? And why? Do you feel comfortable like this? Yes? No? Because…?

Inspired by the book „The Power of Now“ by Eckhart Tolle

Can you tell me your own opinion on this and not some nice sentence that sounded great when somebody else said it who you think is a role model?

To sum it up: Expressing yourself how I mean it and polishing the Ego how most people do are two different things. Polishing the Ego and collecting likes has a lack of the most important detail: authenticity.

Whatever you do – make sure it’s authentic. It’s human. It’s you. And not your Ego that does it.

Quote: From the Game Antichamber

So… by posting my pictures and quotes I try to be authentic and share my personal thoughts on different topics that deal with self expression and understanding one self and each other. In my opinion everybody should do it – share thoughts, ideas, opinions. We are so often talking about bullshit. It’s easy, media feeds us with new bullshit every day. We get so distracted from what is important. I am not talking about refugees – that is important. I am talking about YouTube Channels with nonsense content.

I end this quick brainstorm with one of my favourite quotes I found a while ago on facebook:

„I see you looking but not liking. It’s ok. I don’t post for likes. I post to spread knowledge, keep looking.“

Oh, and – did you know? When somebody likes your picture, it can be seen by every single one of his friends on the time line. So you better make sure it’s the good stuff that gets through to the prople. Be informative and inspire. Everyone’s got a story to tell!

Speak the truth: From the Kabbala

find more pictures on Miss Miris facebook page.

Crumble a la Punto Sur: Stay modest when getting the applause


While volunteering in Bariloche/Argentina in the Hostel Punto Sur I got introduced to the Crumble:

a dessert to die for.

It’s super easy to make!

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
Waiting time while it bakes and „makes love“: 30 Minutes

That’s it.

Here are the details:

What you need

Ingredients :

  • 4 big apples (preferably red)
  • 5 green soft freshpears
  • 100g of butter
  • 100g of sugar
  • 150g of flour
  • cinnamon

How to make it

1  Cut the apples and the pears in cubes. Choose the size your mouth likes the most.


2  Cook the apples in a pot with butter for 5 minutes so they get softer. Add the pears after a minute and a fair amount of cinnamon. If you have the luxury to get some, you should also add almond powder.


in the meantime….

3  put the butter, the flour and the sugar in a bowl and enjoy mixing them with your freshly washed hands. It should soon start looking like a crumble: If you can form a ball that stays, but breaks when pushed a little bit harder – like wet sand – it’s perfect. congratulations.


Back to the butter soaked „cinnamonned“ fruits

They should be quite soft by now.

4 – Put them into a baking pan and spread them evenly.

5 – Crumble the crumble over them.

6 – Put in the oven until the crumble gets golden brown.

7 – Serve it hot (comes best with home made limoncello).

¡buen provecho! – Guten Appetit! – Bon appetit! – Afiyet olsun! – Enjoy your meal

I want to hear from you what you think after you’ve tried your own homemade crumble. Post it here!